Monday, August 12, 2013

Why I Love Mondays

As a homemaker, I love Mondays.

Don't get me wrong, I really love weekends too.  There is nothing better than having my entire family together, sharing life.

Weekends mean sharing all of the same meals together.  Sharing every activity together.  Discussions that range from heart issues, world events, desires for the future and fermenting (yep, my hubby's new interest) warm my soul and get my brain firing.  Bonding with my husband while we invest time, love and attention into the lives of our children multiplies the cords that keep our marriage strong.

I love having two days each week where we deviate from our weekday schedule.  We have long, leisurely mornings together over pancakes and coffee.  The four of us nap together.  We tend to rarely leave our home during the weekend unless necessary - preferring to bathe in the attention of each other.

However, unlike most people, I also love Mondays.

I love having the anchor of my holy, incredibly demanding, life-giving career. 

I work with two beautiful lives all day, every day.  The work I do is developing two someday women who will change this world - for either good or bad.  I don't take this responsibility lightly.

I know that the most important work I will probably do while alive on earth is to build the foundation from which my children will grow and learn from.  The foundation that builds their faith, beliefs and character.  The foundation that gives them the ability and courage to leave our home and do the work that God intended them to do.

What are the chances of my children building a foundation of faith that can move mountains in their future family if I do not build it for them as children?

And that is why I love Mondays.

I love returning our home into a place of order -  that helps me clearly identify soul-building steps I will work for in the week to come.  It centers me again to the fact that I am the primary influence in my children's lives for the majority of the day, so I must choose my words, actions and desires of the heart carefully.  It quiets my scattered, weekend-brain to more clearly hear just with the Spirit is teaching me in being a wife and mother and how that will translate into eternity.

I have felt nothing more rewarding and humbling than the realization of God entrusting me as a mother.  A life shaper.  With a job like that, Monday's are awesome.

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